Learn to Do More Than Just Make a Decent Presentation. Let Me Teach You How to Spin a Good Yarn!

I’ve spent the last ten years creating and giving technical presentations. I have lost count of the number of conferences and user groups at which I’ve presented. Now I want to take everything I’ve learned and share it with you.

Table of Contents

  • Before We Begin
  • The Three S’s of a Conference
  • Titling Your Talk
  • Crafting an Abstract That Gets Noticed
  • Ok, You Got Picked, Now What?
  • How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall?
  • “Day of” Preparation
  • Post Talk Duties
  • Be a Good Speaker, Not Just a Good Presenter
  • Conclusion

It All Started as a Brain Dump, so It’s a Short Read

This book literally started as a brain dump. I had people asking me about how I do this or how I solve that problem when speaking. So, on the way home from a conference one day, I wrote down my thoughts. A four-hour flight and four thousand words later, I began to see maybe I had something to say.

The original brain dump was supposed to be a one-hour webinar for a few friends. I titled it “It Works for Me” and 20 people showed up for the talk. I talked fortwo hours and had to rush through the last section. Yes, obviously this was something I was passionate about. So I started writing…

More Than Just Another Book

I wanted to create something that was more than just another book on public speaking. Walk into any bookstore and there is an entire shelf of those. I wanted something that told you the things they don’t. There were so many things no one told me, that I did wrong for many years until I figured it out or blatantly stole it from someone else. Things like how to write an abstract conference organizers will read and how to create a title for your talk to make it stand out. And, what to do when you finish talking. To make this more than just a book, I’ve put together an entire training package. Not everyone will want the complete package (the BIG ball of yarn). There are those out there, though, that want more than just another e-book. For you, I’ve gathered together the book, some audio, a few extra videos, and am even throwing in videos from five of my friends because it’s stupid to think I know everything. You get to pick the level of commitment that is right for you.

Not ready to commit just yet but still want to learn? Join the mailing list. I have gathered together everything I’ve written about public speaking, and I’ll send you one a week to help inspire you to not only do better, but to do more. This is free and all told, there are over 4,000 words just in this free series.

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Spin a Good Yarn LIVE!

Do you run a development team? Let me come in and teach your entire team to “Spin a Good Yarn.” Let me turn your team into a high functioning billboard for your company’s services or hiring team. Wait? You thought it was about speaking at conferences? No, it’s about making your company look like it’s the leader in your area. Yes, you can pay a recruiter to find you candidates to hire. Or – and I’m just spitballin’ here – you can have three to four of your developers attend a conference, speak at the conference, and put a “We Are Hiring” slide at the end of their talk. Developers talking to developers about the fact that what their company is building is awesome and that there is a chair open on the team versus getting yet another clueless recruiter email from LinkedIn. Think about it for a minute.

For a set price, I will come out and teach “Spin a Good Yarn” to up to ten of your developers. We’ll spend a day writing abstracts, titles, outlines, slides, and sample code. Yes, I’ll even teach them the “humble head nod” which is the only appropriate response to a standing ovation.

Of course, if you don’t want to send them to conferences, these skills work equally well when they are presenting at local user groups, civic organizations, or to your upper management team. Turn your development team into a communications machine. Let me teach them how to “Spin a Good Yarn.”

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